Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Review: Revolution Renaissance -Age Of Aquarius

Timo Tolkki left Stratovarius but no one really expected him to retire right? Which he of course didn't. After their debut album "New Era" comes "Age Of Aquarius" which should be considered as the real debut album by Revolution Renaissance.

Let's face it, the artwork of the album is really not state of the art but people shouldn't judge the album by it's cover. "Age Of Aquarius" is a really good album.

Songs like Sins Of My Beloved, Ghost Of Fallen Grace, Heart Of All, So She Wears Black and especially Kyrie Eleison brings you very beautiful yet also depressing feelings. The middlepart of the album is very dark.

Some people have said that Behind The Mask song would be about Stratovarius but it's kinda impossible cause the song has been written by Gus Monsanto and Bruno Agra.

People have found lots of similarities between Revolution Renaissance and Stratovarius but I don't personally agree. Of course Timo Tolkki's composing is highly recognised and also respected but by no means this sounds like Stratovarius.

Personally what I liked the most was the album closing track Into The Future. Celtic-influenced full of hope type of song. Perfect title to close this album.

Review: 8/10

Age Of Aquarius tracklist:
  1. Age Of Aquarius
  2. Sins Of My Beloved
  3. Ixion's Wheel
  4. Behind The Mask
  5. Ghost Of Fallen Grace
  6. Heart Of All
  7. So She Wears Black
  8. Kyrie Eleison
  9. Into The Future
Revolution Renaissance is:
Timo Tolkki / Guitar
Gus Monsanto / Vocals
Bruno Agra / Drums
Justin Biggs / Bass
Mike Khalilov / Keyboards


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  1. good review! I share your opinion, I think AoA has nothing to do with Stratovarius, it's a much more depressing album with slower music and vocal melodies, which might explain why most of Strato fans don't like it. Personally I simply love AoA, I think it's one of the best material Timo has ever written. Great symphonic arrangements as well.