Monday, February 23, 2009

In Memory: Miika Tenkula

Thursday, February 19th it started spreading over the internet: Sentenced-guitarist and songwriter Miika Tenkula had been found dead at his home. This news shocked the Finnish metal community very much. And in matter of hours the news had spreaded all over the world. People were mourning the death of this very talented and nice person. It was surreal really. I couldn't believe it myself. People were sending me e-mails and messages asking if it was really true? As if I would know anything more than they did.

It was said that he had problems with alcohol and it went even worse after Sentenced quit in 2005. Miika Tenkula was the only member of Sentenced that disappeared from the musicscene.

Over the years we were all priviledged to hear such songs like "No One There", "End Of The Road", "Lower The Flags", "Ever-Frost", "Vengeance Is Mine", "Killing Me Killing You", "My Slowing Heart", "Mourn", "Noose" that were written by Miika Tenkula.

Sentenced respected the memory of Miika Tenkula by issuing the following statement:

"Sentenced mourn the loss of Miika Tenkula, a dear friend, a truly remarkable artist and musician, and the very soul of what used to be Sentenced. Rest now, brother - in your music and our hearts you will live forever.

R.I.P. Miika Tenkula [1974 - 2009]"

Killing Me Killing You

No One There


Friday, February 13, 2009

Tuska 2009 poster and first confirmed bands

Tuska Festival...that annual festival that is been held in the heart of Finland's capital Helsinki each summer. Certainly there are lots of people who simply hates the fact that thousands of metalheads invade Helsinki for 3 days and that chaotic music pollutes our beautiful capital! Wait a second...that's not how it goes! First of all Tuska Festival is a festival that rarely ever has any disorder or disturbance. Yes the people who attend this festival might look a bit rough...some satanic even...but they are not interested about you. All they want to do is hit Kaisaniemi and enjoy their type of music for 3 days. And they know how to behave.

Tuska Festival even has these so-called "senior" tickets. That means if you have reached a certain age, you can get in for free. I don't know how it goes in this years Tuska but I think that simply rules! Bring the elder to the event that contains people those elder have feared or despised even...just so they can see how well these "scary" monsters in fact behave! I hope there will be tons of elder people in Tuska this year again. Who knows, maybe they will make their own pit :)

Then let's talk a bit about this years first glance it looks like the penguin is been shot? But if you look closer you'll see that those are not bulletholes. Maybe the penguin has been doing some damage himself and the blood kinda just spilled? I think they had a lamb or a goat on Tuska 2008 poster and it had blood on it too. But this years poster is by far the best they've made ever! Thumbs up for that :)

Tuska Festival confirmed their first acts and they are as follows:

Bullet For My Valentine
Paul Gilbert
My Dying Bride
Parkway Drive
Legion Of the Damned
Jon Oliva´s Pain
Rotten Sound
Gama Bomb
Profane Omen

More information about Tuska-Festival, visit the official site.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Amorphis albumart borrowed from Static Lullaby?

This was originally posted in

"It has been brought to our attention that the cover artwork for "Skyforger", the forthcoming album from Finnish dark metallers AMORPHIS, bears more than a passing resemblance to that of "Faso Latido", the 2005 CD released by the Chino Hills, California post-hardcore band A STATIC LULLABY."

Amorphis "Skyforger"

Static Lullaby "Faso Latido"

Resemblance? I think so. Buf if you come to think of it...this is really about resemblance of elements. Both albums have a tree and fire which are the centerpiece of the artwork. I really wouldn't call this a copycat-cover. If we would start taking elements from cd-covers and start matching them with each other, we would have tons of "copycat" covers.

And besides...what if Amorphis were aware of this cover and liked the idea it presented? Clearly the cover hasn't been copied or anything. It has as I said earlier, similar elements but that's it. And to conclude...I think the Amorphis version is better.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Warrel Dane: Praises to the War Machine

Yes I am the messenger of Finnish Metal but there are times when I need to go beyond. My girlfriend introduced me to Nevermore long time ago and I went totally bananas when I heard them. Some days later I had their entire backcatalogue and Nevermore has entered my heart to stay. Musically I don't think Nevermore has done anything that would make them stand out totally from other bands out there but it's Warrel Dane that has made all the difference really. In my books the man is genious.

Well it was just my luck that Warrel Dane and Jeff Loomis started making their soloalbums when I discovered Nevermore :) That means of course that there is no new Nevermore for some time. Can't complain much since I have all their albums to go through and I am a recent fan. When the soloalbum of Warrel Dane title "Praises To The War Machine" was released I of course bought it immediately. Is it Nevermore? Of course not! But the album totally rocks. At the same time it is an album that every Nevermore fan should get but also an album that everyone should get dammit!

Now there is only one thing I must do...and that is to go and see Nevermore live when I get the chance. I won't rest until I do!

Warrel Dane - Brother

Warrel Dane explaining Praises To The War Machine song by song part 1

Warrel Dane explaining Praises To The War Machine song by song part 2

Warrel Dane on internet
Official Site
Warrel Dane in Myspace
Official Site of Nevermore
Nevermore in Myspace

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Finnish Metalvideos: Funny

This has got to be one of the best videos I've seen when it comes to Finnish Rock and Metalmusic. Since Kotiteollisuus sings in finnish it may escape the most people what the hell it's all about but let me explain you the plot of this song and video.

What you'll see on this video is 3 friends going out to have some fun after the hard week at work. And of course, like a good Finn, alcohol is involved...quite heavily :) The lyrics of the song itself does not reflect the video since the name of the song is Rakastaa Ei Rakasta (To love Not to love). But to a Finn like myself...this really strikes a nerve! We truly are just a bunch of forest people :) Enjoy the video and hopefully you like it.

Kotiteollisuus - Rakastaa Ei Rakasta

If you want to see more videos from Kotiteollisuus, go here.

Kotiteollisuus at Metal From Finland
Kotiteollisuus Official Home

Amorphis: New album titled as Skyforger

The new Amorphis album will be titled "Skyforger" and is due for release on May 29 via Nuclear Blast Records. The track listing is as follows:

01. Sampo
02. Silver Bride
03. From The Heaven Of My Heart
04. Sky Is Mine
05. Majestic Beast
06. My Sun
07. Highest Star
08. Skyforger
09. Course Of Fate
10. From Earth I Rose

What is there to be said about Amorphis that hasn't been said already? The band is a legend. From their early work like "Karelian Isthmus", "Tales From The 1000 Lakes" to their latest albums "Eclipse" and "Silent Waters". Amorphis are celebrating their 20th year in 2010 and they are stronger today than they have been in a long time.

They have admitted themselves that it was Tomi Joutsen, the vocalist of Amorphis who brought the band back to life. He brought the enthusiasm and new blood that they (Amorphis) so desperately needed. And although I have been a huge fan of Amorphis, their albums "Am Universum" and "Far From The Sun" didn't impress me all that much and I kinda feared that they would slowly but surely fade away. I am happy to say that I was wrong!

Today Amorphis is indeed stronger than ever and I am sure that "Skyforger" will give their fans the quality they expect, PERKELE!

MFF: Metal From Finland Awards 2008 online until February 22nd.

This is just a reminder to you all that Metal From Finland Awards 2008 is still very much online! If you haven't voted for your favourite artists yet, you can do it at this location. There are total of 11 categories you can vote in and those categories are:

Best Finnish Band
Best Finnish Vocalist
Best Finnish Guitarist
Best Finnish Drummer
Best Finnish Bassist
Best Finnish Keyboardist
Best Finnish Album 2008
Best Finnish Debut Album 2008
Best Finnish Newcomer 2008
Best Finnish Unsigned Band

At the moment results are pretty tight in every category so it could very well be your vote that counts! So don't miss it.

Metal From Finland Awards will be online until February 22nd and after that it will take some time for us to count the votes and announce the winners.