Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Warrel Dane: Praises to the War Machine

Yes I am the messenger of Finnish Metal but there are times when I need to go beyond. My girlfriend introduced me to Nevermore long time ago and I went totally bananas when I heard them. Some days later I had their entire backcatalogue and Nevermore has entered my heart to stay. Musically I don't think Nevermore has done anything that would make them stand out totally from other bands out there but it's Warrel Dane that has made all the difference really. In my books the man is genious.

Well it was just my luck that Warrel Dane and Jeff Loomis started making their soloalbums when I discovered Nevermore :) That means of course that there is no new Nevermore for some time. Can't complain much since I have all their albums to go through and I am a recent fan. When the soloalbum of Warrel Dane title "Praises To The War Machine" was released I of course bought it immediately. Is it Nevermore? Of course not! But the album totally rocks. At the same time it is an album that every Nevermore fan should get but also an album that everyone should get dammit!

Now there is only one thing I must do...and that is to go and see Nevermore live when I get the chance. I won't rest until I do!

Warrel Dane - Brother

Warrel Dane explaining Praises To The War Machine song by song part 1

Warrel Dane explaining Praises To The War Machine song by song part 2

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