Friday, February 13, 2009

Tuska 2009 poster and first confirmed bands

Tuska Festival...that annual festival that is been held in the heart of Finland's capital Helsinki each summer. Certainly there are lots of people who simply hates the fact that thousands of metalheads invade Helsinki for 3 days and that chaotic music pollutes our beautiful capital! Wait a second...that's not how it goes! First of all Tuska Festival is a festival that rarely ever has any disorder or disturbance. Yes the people who attend this festival might look a bit rough...some satanic even...but they are not interested about you. All they want to do is hit Kaisaniemi and enjoy their type of music for 3 days. And they know how to behave.

Tuska Festival even has these so-called "senior" tickets. That means if you have reached a certain age, you can get in for free. I don't know how it goes in this years Tuska but I think that simply rules! Bring the elder to the event that contains people those elder have feared or despised even...just so they can see how well these "scary" monsters in fact behave! I hope there will be tons of elder people in Tuska this year again. Who knows, maybe they will make their own pit :)

Then let's talk a bit about this years first glance it looks like the penguin is been shot? But if you look closer you'll see that those are not bulletholes. Maybe the penguin has been doing some damage himself and the blood kinda just spilled? I think they had a lamb or a goat on Tuska 2008 poster and it had blood on it too. But this years poster is by far the best they've made ever! Thumbs up for that :)

Tuska Festival confirmed their first acts and they are as follows:

Bullet For My Valentine
Paul Gilbert
My Dying Bride
Parkway Drive
Legion Of the Damned
Jon Oliva´s Pain
Rotten Sound
Gama Bomb
Profane Omen

More information about Tuska-Festival, visit the official site.

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