Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MFF: Metal From Finland Awards 2008 online until February 22nd.

This is just a reminder to you all that Metal From Finland Awards 2008 is still very much online! If you haven't voted for your favourite artists yet, you can do it at this location. There are total of 11 categories you can vote in and those categories are:

Best Finnish Band
Best Finnish Vocalist
Best Finnish Guitarist
Best Finnish Drummer
Best Finnish Bassist
Best Finnish Keyboardist
Best Finnish Album 2008
Best Finnish Debut Album 2008
Best Finnish Newcomer 2008
Best Finnish Unsigned Band

At the moment results are pretty tight in every category so it could very well be your vote that counts! So don't miss it.

Metal From Finland Awards will be online until February 22nd and after that it will take some time for us to count the votes and announce the winners.

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