Wednesday, July 15, 2009

LARS ULRICH of Metallica the best metaldrummer in the world?

Drum! Magazine held their annual Drummies (Drummer Of The Year) and on their Metal drummer category the victory went to Lars Ulrich of Metallica. Ehm...what? Now I have to admit that I am not very familiar with Drum! Magazine so I don't know if those drummies are based on votes by readers or do they have a jury that decides who has the honour of winning each category. Somehow I would understand this if the victory is based on given votes from fans cause let's face it...Metallica is a monster so based on their fanbase the victory was kinda obvious. It's a bit same (although in smaller proportions) what happens in Metal From Finland Awards each year. It's Nightwish vs. Tarja Turunen vs. HIM. Well that is about to change for our 2009 Awards next February.

But if the winners are chosen by a really puzzles me. Now don't get me wrong here...I do like Metallica...a lot. Well at least their older albums but St. Anger and Death Magnetic weren't all that bad. In fact I might even call Death Magnetic a good album. Not a second coming of Master Of Puppets like Lars Ulrich stated in an interview once but still a good album.

Now let's talk a bit why Lars Ulrich of Metallica is the best drummer in the world shall we? First of all, he is after Metallica. In fact he is the founder of Metallica with James Hetfield! He is a Businessman with a capital B! He collects fine art. He is from Scandinavia. He downloaded their latest album Death Magnetic from P2P-network cause he of all people should have the right to do so. He is the first Danish person to be honoured in Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame along with other Metallica-members. And he is a drummer. Now you have to admit, those are all very good reasons. And his drumsolos...I! Don't believe me? Look for yourself :)

Ok let's get serious for a while. Of course it's an honour for Lars Ulrich to be the best metaldrummer in the world and as with every award, there are winners and there are losers. Here are some losers who lost to Lars this year:

Also the list goes on with these candidates

Well some of them are insanely fast, some are very technical, some are simply badass. But they are all awesome drummers. And that was just a very rough scratch...the list could go on forever. But since I have no idea what was behind the nominations, let's just accept the fact that Lars Ulrich is the best metaldrummer in the world...well at least this year.

And if there is anyone out there who is now pissed off beyond words...don't be. Metallica still is a some kind of monster! Besides...if you think what I wrote was bad...check out what is said about Lars in Uncyclopedia


  1. It's so ridiculous why some people just choose musicians based on the bands they are in, and especially about how popular they are among fans.
    I think in this case the music itself was totally forgotten as a criteria, cause Lars has never been the best drummer on earth, and now that Metallica doesn't really tends to get any better (on the contrary), I doubt he will ever be.
    I really refuse to take this voting seriously... dude, Mikkey Dee wasn't even among the options...
    Outrageous, really.

  2. I really love Metallica!It is my fav band of all time but I can't agree that Lars is best drummer in the world.Maybe he was back in the days but now there are more younger guys with such a great drum solo that you can only be :O wow!
    But hey..if they think he is..let them be.I'm happy for him :D

  3. where the hell on earth is Tommy Portimo on this list? or Jörg Michael?
    No offense, but in my opinion, Portnoy tops Ulrich. Of course they're both very talented, but I think in this case the selection criteria is biased by fame level or classic-status category.

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