Friday, July 3, 2009

When idolizing someone goes too far

What has been the nro 1 topic in every media during the past week or so? Michael Jackson and is unfortunate passing of course. The amount of news in different medias have been something beyond understanding. On the day of his death many websites crashed cause people all over the world tried to find information, Twitter crashed, Google thought they were under attack from the amount of queries their search-engines received all of a sudden. From the impact point-of-view one might think that the world simply went mad cause of this.

When services like Twitter crash or Google consider they are under attack, we can only make one conclusion: Michael Jackson was a very significant person to this world. I mean these things doesn't happen just cause few thousand people all of a sudden decide to start finding information about the same has to be hundreds of thousands...probably even millions of people. About his passing there is simply nothing I could tell that hasn't been told already. And new things pop up each day...latest being how he wanted to adopt the 8 children from Nadya Suleman, better known as Octomum. At first Debbie Rowe didn't want to have anything to do with her 2 children, then she all of a sudden wanted the custody and now rumors say that she isn't even the biological mother of Prince Michael and Paris. I mean what the hell? Well this is the time when all the rumors take place and media grabs them all.

It kinda reminds me that poor Bolivian tv-station who got hold of pictures from Air France flight AF447 that crashed on Atlantic and they aired showing those pictures where the back of the plane was ripped off and one passenger was torn from the plane...unfortunately for them, those pictures were taken from the tv-series Lost! You could even see Evangeline Lilly on the pictures and she surely wasn't on AF447 flight. But it just shows that when something is "hot", things are published by any means possible. And it's really sad.

The passing of Michael Jackson was and still is sad and tragic. But what really saddens me are those 12 Michael Jackson fans who decided to commit suicide. Well at least the count is 12 while writing this. And hopefully it will stay that way and we won't have any more people ending their lives. Don't you think it's stupid to end your life cause your idol died? Do you think Mr. Jackson would have wanted his fans starting to take their lives cause of him? I mean c'mon!

When you lose a familymember, your companion, your child...those are the moments when a person might go through thoughts about his or her will to carry on without the person he or she lost. And somehow that is understandable. But how important can an idol really be to a fan? This is simply something that doesn't get in my head...maybe I am not idolizing anyone strong enough? Outside my family and friends there are very few people who's passing would make a strong impact on me. I think Ozzy Osbourne is one of those people. When Dimebag was killed it saddened me cause everyone said how wonderful person he was. And it wasn't his time yet. And I truly admired him as a musician and a guitarplayer. But I would never choose to end my life because of them.

Wishing a nice weekend to everyone!


  1. You've prettily ( though sadly ) summed it ... what can it be ?? Is it that peolple lack persons they can look up to ?? is there such a shortage of - and thirst for - ideals ?

    The media are ever ready to pounce and stir t-he mud ...